Fish Report for 7-9-2019

Sea Wolf Fishing Update

Joe Hobbs

Here's an update for the last three days aboard the Sea Wolf!

Sunday we had very tough weather on the coast but fish were biting. We left at 12 and headed for the bay. The 28 anglers landed limits of rockcod and 12 lingcod. With the early leaving of the grounds we fished striped bass in the bay and got limits.

Monday we had good weather once we got to the area that we fished. Our 25 anglers got it done with limits of rockfish and one lonely lingcod. We worked lots of ground trying to get decent fish and some ling's to bite.

Today we finally had good weather and it was way nicer than it said. We got back to the islands and the rockcod were biting like wild dogs. We bounced around alot looking for a decent lingcod bite. We found some here and some there. The 25 anglers landed limits of rockfish and 22 lingcod.

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