What do we need to bring?

Fishing license (required for anglers 16+ years), rod/reel, tackle, cash for fish cleaning services and/or gratuity for your crew. Dress in layers, lunch & beverage.

What if we don"t have a fishing rod or tackle

Fish Emeryville has custom tackle kits available for purchase & quality fishing rods/reels available for rent. Please call the landing for pricing and availability.

Are children welcome?

If you think your child is ready, then they're welcome with parental/guardian supervision. Half day trips are a great way to introduce new and young anglers to a day of fishing.

Is there a galley available onboard?

No, please bring lunch/beverages and snacks. (Shore side snacks available at the landing)

What should I wear?

Dress in layers, jeans/windbreakers, hats/beanies, gloves, rubber boots or extra socks if wearing sneakers.

What if I get sea-sick?

Fish Emeryville sells Bonine; which is highly recommended for sea-sickness. Take 1 tablet the night before your trip and another tablet morning of your trip on an empty stomach. You can also decrease the risk of getting sea-sick by sitting outside the cabin and drinking lots of water.

How many anglers can fit on a boat?

We have a fleet of 9 boats that hold 4-25 anglers depending on which boat/trip you book for.

What happens if we don't catch any fish? Can you guarantee we will catch fish?

We usually catch fish but we do not guarantee that we will catch any fish.

Can we rent gear from you if we don't have our own?

Yes, Fish Emeryville has pre-made tackle kits available for purchase. Rod/reels are available for rent. Please call the landing for pricing.

Will the crew help/teach us if we are beginners?

Yes, the crew is very attentive on all our charters and will guide beginners and pros through each hook up.

Where can I find fishing scores?

You can view our fishing scores by clicking on the "Fish Counts" tab on our website. You can also follow us on facebook, instagram and twitter for daily updates.

Can we charter your boats for events other than fishing?

Yes, all of our boats are available for evening cruises, fleet week viewing, fireworks, eco-tours, research trips, ash scatterings, and whale watching.

Can I bring a cooler onboard?

Yes, coolers up to 45qt. are welcome aboard.

How much do extras such as Tackle, Rod Rental and Fishing License cost?

We provide Tackle Kits specially designed for the fish being targeted on your trip: Potluck and Rockfish/Lingcod tackle kits cost $16-19.00 Tackle Kits for Salmon Trolling cost $24.00 Tackle Kits for Crab Combo cost $17.00 Rod Rentals cost $10.00 1 Day Fishing License costs $17.02